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Grant Agreement Signed Between U.S. Agency and L’Dor V’Dor Foundation
"In all of us there is a hunger, marrow-deep, to know our heritage—to know who we are and where we have come from" (Alex Haley).
No one notices the hunger more than those who cannot find their ancestors because they believe the records don't exist. They do exist.
Our early pilots demonstrated the existence of Jewish records thought lost forever. In four weeks, we found 52 previously unknown collections – 116,000 lives rediscovered.
Act now – our documentary heritage is vulnerable. The 2021 fire at Kraków City Archives destroyed 20 million documents "leaving an unfillable hole in the history of the city and its people".

* DoJR = Documentation of Jewish Records Worldwide Project. DoJR is the first strategic initiative of the LDVDF. Our purpose is to discover and catalog an inventory of  all existing records that document Jewish lives. JCat, the world’s most comprehensive and only online catalog of its type, will be freely searchable by all.


Project Profiles & News

Working together on all continents.

Venezuela Rescue Project

Venezuela Rescue Project

80% of the Jewish population of Venezuela has left the country. There is much turmoil on the ground and anti-semitism. We are intent on identifying what records of the lives of Venezuelan Jews have so far survived so that priorities can be set to preserve or safeguard them before it is too late. The JGS Venezuela – mostly operating off-shore, is partnering with us to conduct this rescue survey…

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Victoria Australia Survey Project

Victoria Australia Survey Project

In 1788, at least eight (some say 16) Jews arrived in Australia on the First Fleet. Much of the documentation of Jewish lives in Australia has survived. Yet, you have to know about it to find it. The Australia Jewish Genealogical Society (Victoria) has discovered thousands of record collections for JCat. Its survey work continues…

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