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Finding and restoring the links in the chain of Jewish history is a global effort.

Working Side-by-Side


The Diaspora of our Jewish ancestors spread the artifacts of their history and evidence of their very existence on all six continents. Our journey to rediscover the lives of those who came before us is a monumental undertaking.


We work with the most passionate partners, around the globe, conducting surveys and cataloging relevant documents that help extend our reach to rediscover — further and faster.


Developing new technology innovations that help us rediscover, reclaim, repair, and restore in ways not previously possible — exponentially faster, more comprehensive, and at lower cost.

Partner Projects

Venezuela Rescue Project

Venezuela Rescue Project

80% of the Jewish population of Venezuela has left the country. There is much turmoil on the ground and anti-semitism. We are intent on identifying what records of the lives of Venezuelan Jews have so far survived so that priorities can be set to preserve or safeguard them before it is too late. The JGS Venezuela – mostly operating off-shore, is partnering with us to conduct this rescue survey…

Victoria Australia Survey Project

Victoria Australia Survey Project

In 1788, at least eight (some say 16) Jews arrived in Australia on the First Fleet. Much of the documentation of Jewish lives in Australia has survived. Yet, you have to know about it to find it. The Australia Jewish Genealogical Society (Victoria) has discovered thousands of record collections for JCat. Its survey work continues…

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